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First Thursday Durham Dance Schedule

Our main dance is the Durham Dance on the First Thursday of every month. This page has an up-to-date Durham dance schedule and lots of information about the band and its history.
•••> The Durham dance is On Hold for the indefinite future. Somehow many people still believe the virus is is a hoax or otherwise manage not to take it seriously. They continue gathering without maintaining adequate physical distance and without wearing masks. Then we find out that our liar-in-chief never made provisions for distributing vaccines. So it's probably going to be a long time until it's safe to start dancing again. We will make it widely known when we are able to resume safely!
Dates will continue to be listed below but sadly there will be no dance until further notice.

The Lamprey River Band First Thursday Dance in Durham, NH — On Hold

First Thursdays of every month in Durham, NH, 8:00 – 10:00 at the Durham Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 20 Madbury Road, Durham, NH 03824.

  • Music & Calling: Lamprey River Band with Peter Yarensky & Sarah Mason calling. Guest musicians & callers invited.
  • Contact: Peter, peter dot yarensky at unh dot edu. Web: Click Here.
  • Map: Click here to download a map to the dance.
  • Guest Calling: As this is a short dance we generally have no more than two guest callers. Talk to Sarah Mason or Peter Yarensky as early in the dance as you can to get a slot. Please do not try to reserve in advance. (Exceptions may be made in unusual circumstances, e.g. someone travelling a long distance).

Schedule of Upcoming Durham Dances

Please Note: All dancing is on hold for the indefinite future. We look forward to playing for dancing again!