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The Lamprey River Band


The Lamprey River Band & The First Thursday Durham Dance

The Lamprey River Band has been playing for Seacoast NH dances since 1983. We play a monthly dance at the Unitarian Fellowship in Durham. We keep alive the New England tradition of the large country dance orchestra with a solid beat, strong melody and clear phrasing. This section has an up-to-date Durham dance schedule and lots of information about the band and its history.
•••> The Durham dance is On Hold for the indefinite future. Until nearly everyone is vaccinated and until nearly everyone behaves sensibly for this pandemic we have very little chance of ending it and making activities like dancing safe again. We will make it widely known here and on the Schedule page when we are able to resume safely!

Page & Section Contents

  • On This Page: About the Lamprey River Band.
  • LRB First Thursday Durham Dance Schedule. This page has the schedule of the First Thursday dance in Durham (suspended indefinitely) and any other dances we might be playing:
  • The Lamprey River Band Story I. This and the next page give a fairly detailed history of the band, including the following:
    • Stories going back to how the band was formed.
    • Pictures of the band going back to the early 1980s.
    • Who was in the band, including a couple surprises.
    • The Thursday night dance in Madbury, Dover & Durham, how it came to be, its influence on local dancing and more.
    • Callers and musicians we have worked with.
  • The Lamprey River Band Story II.
    • Burt Feintuch's influence on the band.
    • The Dover dance and the move to Durham.
    • Miscellaneous facts about the band.
    • If you have any interest in the band I recommend that you look at these pages.

About the Lamprey River Band

The Lamprey River Band is a traditional New England country dance (contradance) band. I should say right away that I am writing as the founder of the band and a member for over 35 years as I write (winter 2020). The band comes out of the tradition of the larger country dance orchestra; we are modeled loosely after the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra and the Maine Country Dance Orchestra.

We play for public dances and private dance parties to promote enjoyment and community on the part of the dancers. We started in 1983 and continue to exist for the enjoyment it brings us as musicians, and for the enjoyment we bring to our dancers. Our playing is characterized by a strong beat, clear melody and clear melodic phrases, all characteristics desirable in any band playing for New England dancing.

A quick mention of why the Lamprey River Band pages are so near the beginning of the Dance website. First, we are the oldest band that plays regularly in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire, and during much of that time our dances were the largest in the area. Therefore the band ends up being involved in many aspects of dancing in this part of the state. Second, this is the band's only website, and making it prominent helps with publicizing our dances.