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About Dancing in the Seacoast Region

This section looks at dancing in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire. The focus is on the period in which I’ve been dancing, starting in the late 1970s. Below is a table of contents for the section, followed by a brief description of each page.

When people think about contradancing in New Hampshire it seems like they most likely think about dancing in Nelson, Peterborough and in general the Monadnock region. It’s the home of Ralph Page, it’s where Duke Miller called in New Hampshire, and it’s where Dudley Laufman called many dances. It’s where the dancing never stopped when in the rest of the country people were too tied to their televisions to care about old time country dance. When I started dancing all the Seacoast area dances were on Friday nights so we could go to the Monadnock dances on Saturday night.

But over the years we built up the Seacoast dances. The Seacoast Country Dance Newsletter was an important influence because it provided monthly communication with dancers. Also I included quite a few articles that probably gave many dancers a broader perspective on contradancing than they might have had otherwise. These articles form the core of this web site.

The Lamprey River Band dances were important as well. For many years they were the biggest dance in the area, and at times probably in the state. We did a good combination of traditional and more modern dances, tried to establish a friendly atmosphere for the dance, and encouraged sit-in musicians and guest callers.

|Other factors contributed like the presence of the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend in Durham, and the efforts of Patrick Stevens and others made a difference too; this will be seen in some of the articles on the website. For quite a few years I’ve found that our dances are good enough and friendly enough that I’m no longer motivated to travel to a dance unless it’s a special occasion.

Here is a listing (with links) of the pages that comprise this section of the web site, followed by a brief description of the topic of each page.

Section Table of Contents with Links and Brief Descriptions of Each Article

In this section …

The Story of How and Why I Started Calling
Dancing in Deerfield, and a Related Story

About the articles …

The Story of How and Why I Started Calling Dances. As it describes, this was inspired by someone else’s story that I read about in the CDSS News back in 2007. It got me to think about how I started calling dances—here is the result.

Dancing in Deerfield, and a Related Story. The March 2012 Deerfield dance was a really nice time. It started with a spontaneous set of Petronella, the tune the band played for the sound check. This reminded me of Dudley’s 50 Years of Calling party. It’s the sort of thing that can happen around here but not really in all that many other places.New Paragraph