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A Variety of Historically Oriented Pages

This section contains a variety of information, mostly historical in nature. I couldn't figure out any way to organize a unified history section, so instead I will present pages with a variety of historical themes.
Note: This section will eventually be much more substantial.

Page & Section Contents

  • On This Page: This page provides an introduction to the section on the history of New Hampshire Country Dance mainly since about 1980.
  • Seacoast Country Dance Newsletter. A section on the Seacoast Country Dance Newsletter, its history and influence, and topics and events covered by the Newsletter.
  • Still to Come: I intend to do a lot moe with this section although it may be several months before it happens.

About This Section

This section contains a variety of material about New Hampshire Country Dance of an historical nature. I focus on the time during which I have been dancing: from the late 1970s to the present. I have documentation for much of what happened while the Seacoast Country Dance Newsletter was being published (1985–2008), so that time period receives the fullest coverage.

I thought quite a bit about how to organize this section. I was able to come up with any good way to present a unified history of dancing in the Seacoast area, never mind in the state and maybe beyond. There are too many aspects that don’t fit in when I try to do it that way.

So instead I will present several different sections with different approaches to the historical information. One section has to include the Seacoast Country Dance Newsletter for at least two reasons. First, it was very influential in the Seacoast area dance scene and beyond for many years. Second, it was very influential on this coverage which depends heavily on the documentation provided by the Newsletter. [As of now this is the only section that's done.]

I went through the Newsletter issue by issue noting any topic or article I thought would be of interest to this section and to other sections of the website in a spreadsheet. I then set up several different categories of topics and types of information and checked off each time that topic came up in the newsletter. I am using these checklists to help me organize the material in this section.