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The Newmarket Town Hall

Peter Yarensky, Seacoast Country Dance Newsletter, November 1987.

As many of you know, the Newmarket Town Hall burned down last month. Anyone who has been dancing in the Seacoast area for a few years will remember that we used to dance there two times each month. I have heard rumors that the hall may be rebuilt in its old form. I don’t know how likely this is, but it would be nice if we could dance there again at some point. [2020 Note: Sadly, that never happened.]

We started having dances in Newmarket in the fall of 1979, when Ryan Thomson (Captain Fiddle) and the Last Chance String Band started a series with Steve Hundert calling. Later on a variety of musicians and callers did the dance. For a while Tod Whittemore was calling once/month.+ The dances continued until Spring of 1985 when construction in the hall and town politics forced us to find a new home for the dances. The dance went through better and worse times, but the hall was always a very comfortable place to dance.

Newmarket Town Hall

The Newmarket Town Hall, July 1982. Photo courtesy of the New Market Historical Society.